C64Net WiFi card hardware design and construction by Carlos Santiago from www.ElectronicsIsFun.com Compatible with VIC-20, C-64, and C-128 User Port. ... Read the docs for the C64/C128 utilities and programming the modem from BASIC here. Pictures. Here are a picture of the fabricated Rev1, Rev2, Rev3, and Rev4. In het WiFi Modem bevindt zich een CG340 WiFi interface welke u kunt verbinden met uw WiFi netwerk. Surfen zoals op uw moderne computer is natuurlijk niet. Link232-Wifi, Swiftlink Compatible WIFI Cart for C64/C128. This is a Swiftlink compatible high speed serial cart combined with a wifi modem in one cart. Supports up to 38400 Baud with. 2021-11-06. The Archer C64 allows you to connect more devices and stream simultaneously with its dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The 2.4GHz band provide reliable connections for sending emails, web browsing and other simple tasks. The 5GHz band delivers speed up to 867Mpbs, great for media-intense applications like video streaming and online gaming.

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